Museum 14-18 Meuse-Argonne

Museum 14-18 Meuse-Argonne

Through the years we have built up a most impressive private museum, largely dedicated to the AEF: a number of the artefacts in it were found on the local battlefields. Located in an old 1920s dance hall of 200 square metres,it holds an in-door trench, a large display dedicated to  the medical services, several diorama’s, a large collection of American head wear, an American General Service wagon and a German bunker, amongst many other things. 

Opening hours

  • May and June from Thursday until Sunday from 13.00 until 18.00 hours
  • July and August from Tuesday until Sunday from 13.00 until 18.00 hours
  • September and October on Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 until 18.00 hours

We are also open by appointment, telephone +33 (0)329 861987 or email


Maarten Otte, a long term resident of the area, is a battlefield guide, amateur historian and author of several titles on the Amercian Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in the Great War, published by Pen & Sword Books in the UK and Fortress Books in the USA. 

Maartens books are readily available on Amazon or at: